Did you know that ? Five good reasons to choose stretched ceilings and walls.

1) Stretched fabrics installation are quick and dust free

Renovations are done without plaster, dust or rubble.

The fabric technology that we use allow for cold installation (no need to heat the membrane), without seams, which does not cause inconvenience related to heat and odors.

Once the supports are installed, the installation of the fabric is fast. It is not always necessary to move the furniture, and the protection of the premises remains simple.

The end customer can continue his activity during the works: the ceiling of a restaurant can be completely renovated in stages without closing it for several days or weeks (unlike a plaster and paint solution). This is also the case for shops or offices.

2) Stretched ceilings and walls for the interior architecture allow unlimited creativity

With a matt appearance and painting effect, the stretched ceiling blends into its environment.

It generates very little loss of height (minimum 2 cm).

The ranges of fabrics offer a wide choice of colors.

The installation adapts to ducts, ventilation systems, beams, cornices.

The stretch ceiling integrates all the fixtures (spots, Led). The finishes of the tension systems are fine and almost invisible (5mm).

Translucent membranes allow backlighting.

The printing of the ceiling / wall technical fabrics allows a personalization of the design.

Some membranes offer a perfect mirror effect and are also printable.

3) Stretched ceilings and walls offer a durable and lasting solution

Most technical fabrics and membranes are guaranteed for 10 years.

They maintain a perfect flatness and a constant tension.

Hydrophobic, they offer excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture.

Their cleaning is easy.

4) There is a wide range of technical fabrics for the interior

There are different ranges of standard or specific coatings, of colors, of translucent, matte, glossy and satin finishes as well as mirror membranes.

They come from different technologies with complementary properties:

– Polyurethane polyester coating with cold tension system.

– PVC membrane with hot or cold installation system.

The widths can be up to 5.10 m in width (seamless) to cover most existing surfaces in one piece.

5) The technical fabrics used for stretched ceilings and walls comply with environmental standards

Abrium selects suppliers with ISO 9001 certified production made with raw materials from the EU.

The products installed by Abrium meet CE marking standards – and the OEKO TEX – IMO – SANITIZED Q environmental standards, which are environmentally friendly and have the A + mark.