Decorative stretch ceilings and walls

Renovate ceiling or walls without dust, odors and without moving all the furniture: it is possible with the technical fabrics for stretched ceiling and stretched wall. Their great strength lies in their quick installation which generates little waste.

With its wide ranges of colors, its customization by impression or its lighting by the backlighting, the stretched ceiling frees creativity.


Acoustic stretch ceilings and walls

By opting for a microperforated composite stretch membrane designed to absorb sound waves, stretch ceilings and walls reduce sound reverberation from 65% to 100%. For optimum results, acoustic insulation can be added to the fabric. Discreet, the acoustic stretch ceiling blends into your surroundings.

Shade sails

Aesthetic, the shade sails offer different cutting planes, combinations of surfaces and a wide range of colors. They free space on the ground.

Comfortable: with highly resistant micro-perforated fabrics, they filter heat, UV and let air pass (3 to 5 degrees less than with an acrylic blind).

Solid: Shade sails have better wind resistance than sunblinds or sunshades: up to 90 km / h. The sails can be installed almost all year round and easily removed in winter.


Awnings, shelters

Light weight structures for the exterior architecture: realization of awnings or custom shelters, facades claddings. Cutting plans and numerical analyzes are carried out by our expert partners on special software. The quality of manufacture is ensured by laser cutting and assembly by welding High Frequency.

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