Resistance, longevity and simplified maintenance

The technical fabrics and composite membranes used indoors ( stretch ceiling or wall), or exterior (taut facade, shade sails and shelters) are resistant to moisture, chlorinated environments, corrosion and impacts.

The ease of cleaning and access to the plenum allow for simplified maintenance.

Technical fabrics and composite membranes are guaranteed 5 to 10 years.


Increased acoustic comfort

Micro-perforated canvas for wall and ceiling-acoustic stretch allow for very effective acoustic corrections: the reverberation rate of the sound can decrease by more than half to facilitate the concentration of sportsmen, the comfort of spectators, and the sound of events.

Quick work to be done

The yards generate little dust, and no odor. The installation of composite fabrics for stretch ceilings and walls, shade sails and other shelters is very fast and competitive compared to other materials. Programs of sports activities will not be really affected by the work. This has to be taken into account in the total cost of the works.

Plafond-tendu cours collectifs salle de sport
Murs et plafond-tendu salle de sport

Event design and communication

With their wide choice of colors and simple or complex shapes, the technical fabrics give a unique and high-end identity to the building. Printing and lighting of wall stretch fabrics, stretched façade and stretch ceiling allow for total personalization during events or for the promotion of a brand identity.


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