Design and aesthetics of public buildings and infrastructure

With their wide choice of colors and simple or complex shapes, the technical fabrics give a unique identity to the buildings.Wall and stretch ceilings can be adapted to all sizes of surfaces. The installation integrates the technical and ventilation ducts, as well as lighting.

Printing of custom patterns allows for decorative, educational effects and is used for signage.


Comfort and protection of the public.

Micro-perforated fabrics in the form of a wall or acoustic stretch ceiling effectively reduce the reverberation of sounds in daycare centers, schools and universities, sports halls and showrooms, as well as community restaurants and canteens.

Composite fabrics with a bactericidal surface treatment can also be used as wall and ceiling stretch in hospitals.

Optimizing the reception areas

Temporary or sustainable expansion of reception areas, landscaping and urban areas, technical fabrics used as shelters, shade sails protect against sun and bad weather and help to improve the conditions of reception of the public.

The speed of implementation thanks to pre-fabricated components reduces installation time and costs.


Durability and simplified maintenance

Used indoors (ceiling or stretched wall), or exterior (facade cladding, shade sail and shelters), the technical and composite fabrics are resistant to moisture and impacts. Their ease of cleaning allows a simplified maintenance. The technical fabrics and composite membranes are guaranteed 5, 10 or even 25 years. At the end of life, the fabrics are recyclable.


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